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created by Oleg Kapush
CREATED BY OLEG KAPUSH GRAPHICS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Services: Design Web design (Website Design, E-commerce Site, Content Management Systems, Website Development, Mail Design, Ads Banners, Blog, Social.) Graphics art (Digital Imagine, Commercial Ads, Illustration, Wallpaper, Logo, UI, Icons, Art, Sketching, Drawing.) Industrial design (Engine, Electronics, Products, Jewelry.) Desktop Publishing (Photo, Flyer, Cover, Poster, Calendar, Postcard, Business Card, Brochure, Documents, Package.) Media Games, (Play Ideas, Game Mechanics, Character Development.) Vfx, (Visual effects, Physical effects, Special effects.) Video,(Film, Clips, Motion.) Audio,(Music, Sound, Mix.) Misc (Flash, Presentation, Intros.) Fashion Apparel, (Caps, Suit, Dress, Shirt, Underwear, Shoes, Accessories.) Modeling, (Cast, Acting, Mode.) Photography (HQ Photo, Unique Photo, Stock Footage.) Construction 3d graphics, (3D Modelling, Animation, Lighting, Shading, Texturing, Rendering, 3D fly-throughs.) Architecture,(Exterior, Interior, Furniture.) Landscape (Yard, Garden, Walkway, Pond, Pool, Entryway, Hardscape, Plants.) Development Programming,(C, C++, C#, F#, J#, VB, Perl.) Web development, (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AS, XSLT, XML, PHP, ASP, SQL, Silverlight.) Mobile app (Mobile Applications.) Writing Typography,(Fonts, Text Styles.) Creative write, (Slogans, Taglines, Copywriting, Book.) Translation (Traduire) Business Contract, Corporate, Internship, Freelance Marketing Television, (Media Promotion.) Advertising, (Billboard Ads, Web Ads. Social Ads.) Re-search, (Web Search, Business Search, Public Search.) Seo rank etc. Mail marketing (Mailing Lists, Newletters, Forms, Invitations.) Consulting Live Support. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 by Oleg Kapush pantone, colour, trends, hue, hues, tint, tints, gamma, guides, pms, matching system, fan guides, fanguides, fanguide, fan guide, chips, fanchips, fan chips, colour chips, colour experts, colour, psychology, culture, optics, art, computer, gamma, artist, media, painting, theory, light, Adobe, photography, colour trends, custom colour, corporate identity, custom dyeing, consulting services, forecasting, swatches, swatch cards, inks, colour formula, TRIA, Markers, print, printers, paint, graphics, design, designers, fashion, interiors, home furnishings, architecture and interiors, Pantone, colourful, vibrant colour, colour match, plastic, plastics, plastic chips, pantone universe, colour institute, hexachrome, six colour process, orange, blue, red, colour web pro, hexware, equipment, green, yellow, black, white, purple, pink, teal, gray, beige, brown, aqua, the right colour, spyder, designer accessories, viewing lights, colour cue, digital colour, colour fundamentals, monitor calibration, colour software, colour on monitors, web design, ezine, colour articles, latest colours, hot new colours, new colours, browser safe colour, colours for your every mood, communication, colour picker , Pantone, Tags: blue green red orange pink purple yellow brown gray nature natural sports bright gold black summer grey spring white sky water cool flower flowers soft warm fall beige tan neutral flag ocean blues rose Grass muted sand sea violet lilac NFL mauve Brights winter floral turquoise teal golden happy cold light fresh silver wood textiles retro trees Goe garden olive maroon aqua wine plum pastel greens autumn forest subtle organic Landscapes lavender moss cartoon vibrant fun calm tree stone contrastvintage plants dark intimates honeysuckle peach skin rich Earthy sunset SuperBowl MLB Amber rain cloudy Storm